4th Chakra – The Heart

??? 4th chakra ???
The fourth chakra is the Heart Chakra, or Anahata, which translates to “unhurt”. ❣️ This chakra houses and empowers your love, compassion and kindness.
This one is easy to understand because most of us already associate our hearts with love. This means love for others AND ourselves, which is important.
It’s difficult for us to respond to those around us with love and compassion 100% of the time without fear, judgment or feeling self-conscious. And yet, that’s the goal for most of us. The ability to do just that flows through this chakra, which makes it imperative for us to recognize when we are closed, or too open, in this area.
? Green represents the Heart Chakra, and it’s location is right over your heart, and extends down to your breastbone and up to your throat.
? Having balance in this energy shows up as being able to walk in love with yourself and others EQUALLY (Ever notice how sometimes we hate ourselves while loving others? That’s not balance. ?). Even when things are difficult, we facilitate, and feel, compassion towards others, and allow it to come our way, too.
? A sign to you that your energy in this location may be TOO active is when personal boundaries become blurred and you find yourself making unhealthy choices in the name of “love”. Honoring yourself as much as you do others is necessary, so when you are putting the needs of others before your own in an unhealthy manner, your Heart Chakra needs to SIMMER DOWN a bit. ?
Other symptoms of this can be a fast heart rate, heart palpitations and heartburn. Interesting, right??
? Focusing a bit of the love you’re showering on others back to yourself can help tame an overactive chakra. Try to do something for YOU every day:
* Take a relaxing bath
* Get a massage
* Do some meditation
* Make some time to do something that you enjoy
? Having an underactive or sluggish Heart Chakra can be a little harder. It may take some dedicated work and effort to bring this energy up.
Many of us have spent a LOT of time building up some walls and defenses to protect ourselves from hurt. The result is difficulty in developing close, personal relationships. The walls that protect us also keep others at bay. ? This can even leave you feeling physically out of touch with yourself, and can contribute to circulation issues.
I personally have battled this one quite a bit, and this information has been incredibly helpful for me!
We can’t allow others to love us well until we learn to love ourselves. Sounds kinda hokey, and maybe oversimplified, but it actually makes perfect sense. Many of us struggle with actually living this without consciously realizing it. Show yourself some compassion, and love yourself as well as you try to love others, and in the way you’d like others to love you! Then your compassion for your neighbor will really be able to flow!!!
? Fun Fact: Often, eating food that is the same color as a particular chakra can actually help facilitate healing and balance! Have you ever seen charts that show how the shape of certain fruits and vegetables coordinate to body parts that they support? Same here! So, for the Heart Chakra, spinach, greens and green tea are considered balancing foods for this energy. Cool!
? Essential oils that can be used to help in this area:
? Rose, especially, is great for heart issues. Throughout history the rose has been considered a symbol of God’s love for us. ? Rub a drop over your heart every day. It’s one of the more valuable oils, so maybe consider splitting a bottle with a few friends to make it affordable!
? Cedarwood and Rosemary can contribute to feeling secure in your convictions.
? Bergamot, Orange and Melissa all help encourage a cheery disposition. ?

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