5th Chakra – The Throat

The next chakra is the Throat, or Vishudda, which means “pure”. Where does your voice come from, and where do you find the energy to speak? Obviously, the physical answer is your throat, but ENERGETICALLY, the energy to give voice to your personal truths comes from this 5th chakra.

Blue is the color that represents the Throat Chakra.

This chakra sits right in the middle of your collarbone. It extends down to the center of your heart, and up to the middle of your eyes. The location is close to your Heart Chakra, and it is connected to the love and compassion you feel for yourself and others.

Have you ever prayed right before a conversation that you know may be tough and just asked for the right words, words that will be heard and effective? Isn’t it AMAZING when that happens!!! Being able to speak clearly, with love, even if the truth could be difficult, is what happens when this chakra is balanced, and it’s so vital in relationships, and even just everyday interactions! Knowing exactly what words are appropriate for a given situation, and being able to communicate them with KINDNESS, can inspire and help so much. ☺️

For people who have often felt ignored or invalidated, sometimes they react by getting “LOUD”. They may interrupt frequently, and others may describe them as “loving the sound of their own voice”.

It helps to have some understanding of this. Whether it’s you that tends this way, or someone you are interacting with, knowing that the source is hurt and/or fear of not being “heard” can help you choose how to respond. Physically, people that are a bit too open in this chakra can experience a lot of oral issues (cavities, mouth ulcers) or throat pain. BUT, simply staying quiet is NOT necessarily a good alternative! That comes with it’s own set of issues. Read on to see what I mean.

Another way of responding when you feel ignored and unheard or invalidated is to go silent, never speaking up or sharing your truths with others. If this is you, chances are you’ve been called shy, quiet, or aloof. People that have shut down the energy in this chakra can feel unable to express their emotions, or struggle to find the right words to share something. Physically, this can result in lots of digestive issues. Picture energy being diverted from the Throat chakra and basically “swallowed”, ending up down in the 3rd again. It’s also possible for speech impediments to be a result.

Lordy, LORDY, this one speaks to me. I can see much of my childhood and adolescence here, and I have had to FIGHT for much of the progress I have made. I know some of you may think it’s goofy to spend so much time posting about these types of things, but let me tell you, if I had known about this years ago, it would have helped me. And if it can help even ONE other person, it’s 100% worth it!!!

So, if you find yourself with an overactive Throat, here’s something EASY you can practice to help bring balance-Think before you speak. Ask yourself, is what I am about to say true? Necessary? Kind?? If not, either don’t say it, or find a way to express it in a manner where the answer to these questions is YES!

If you have a sluggish Throat, SPEAK UP!!!! This one may be a little more difficult, but you can practice! Take time every day to practice expressing yourself. Talk to yourself in the mirror or while you’re driving or doing the dishes. It’s a mistake to think that words are only valuable if they are spoken around another person’s ears. Not true!! They are valuable even if it’s just YOUR ears that hear! PRACTICE SPEAKING UP!!! Remember scenarios where you WISH you had spoken up, and play that out again in a more balanced fashion. If you know you have a situation coming up where you would typically stay quiet, practice what you WANT to say before it’s go time! Practice is always the key for whatever it is we are wanting to change or improve. It’s not do or die. It’s keep working and learning and improving. 

For a sluggish Throat Chakra, try using Eucalyptus oil! Feeling choked up or blocked can be a symptom of congested energy here, and Eucalyptus is wonderful!

Frankincense and Peppermint can also be useful to both tame and maintain energy here. Especially Frank! I would also suggest Sacred Frankincense if you have it.

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