5th Chakra – The Throat

The next chakra is the Throat, or Vishudda, which means “pure”. Where does your voice come from, and where do you find the energy to speak? Obviously, the physical answer is your throat, but ENERGETICALLY, the energy to give voice to your personal truths comes from this 5th chakra.

Blue is the color that represents the Throat Chakra.

This chakra sits right in the middle of your collarbone. It extends down to the center of your heart, and up to the middle of your eyes. The location is close to your Heart Chakra, and it is connected to the love and compassion you feel for yourself and others.

Have you ever prayed right before a conversation that you know may be tough and just asked for the right words, words that will be heard and effective? Isn’t it AMAZING when that happens!!! Being able to speak clearly, with love, even if the truth could be difficult, is what happens when this chakra is balanced, and it’s so vital in relationships, and even just everyday interactions! Knowing exactly what words are appropriate for a given situation, and being able to communicate them with KINDNESS, can inspire and help so much. ☺️

For people who have often felt ignored or invalidated, sometimes they react by getting “LOUD”. They may interrupt frequently, and others may describe them as “loving the sound of their own voice”.

It helps to have some understanding of this. Whether it’s you that tends this way, or someone you are interacting with, knowing that the source is hurt and/or fear of not being “heard” can help you choose how to respond. Physically, people that are a bit too open in this chakra can experience a lot of oral issues (cavities, mouth ulcers) or throat pain. BUT, simply staying quiet is NOT necessarily a good alternative! That comes with it’s own set of issues. Read on to see what I mean.

Another way of responding when you feel ignored and unheard or invalidated is to go silent, never speaking up or sharing your truths with others. If this is you, chances are you’ve been called shy, quiet, or aloof. People that have shut down the energy in this chakra can feel unable to express their emotions, or struggle to find the right words to share something. Physically, this can result in lots of digestive issues. Picture energy being diverted from the Throat chakra and basically “swallowed”, ending up down in the 3rd again. It’s also possible for speech impediments to be a result.

Lordy, LORDY, this one speaks to me. I can see much of my childhood and adolescence here, and I have had to FIGHT for much of the progress I have made. I know some of you may think it’s goofy to spend so much time posting about these types of things, but let me tell you, if I had known about this years ago, it would have helped me. And if it can help even ONE other person, it’s 100% worth it!!!

So, if you find yourself with an overactive Throat, here’s something EASY you can practice to help bring balance-Think before you speak. Ask yourself, is what I am about to say true? Necessary? Kind?? If not, either don’t say it, or find a way to express it in a manner where the answer to these questions is YES!

If you have a sluggish Throat, SPEAK UP!!!! This one may be a little more difficult, but you can practice! Take time every day to practice expressing yourself. Talk to yourself in the mirror or while you’re driving or doing the dishes. It’s a mistake to think that words are only valuable if they are spoken around another person’s ears. Not true!! They are valuable even if it’s just YOUR ears that hear! PRACTICE SPEAKING UP!!! Remember scenarios where you WISH you had spoken up, and play that out again in a more balanced fashion. If you know you have a situation coming up where you would typically stay quiet, practice what you WANT to say before it’s go time! Practice is always the key for whatever it is we are wanting to change or improve. It’s not do or die. It’s keep working and learning and improving. 

For a sluggish Throat Chakra, try using Eucalyptus oil! Feeling choked up or blocked can be a symptom of congested energy here, and Eucalyptus is wonderful!

Frankincense and Peppermint can also be useful to both tame and maintain energy here. Especially Frank! I would also suggest Sacred Frankincense if you have it.

4th Chakra – The Heart

??? 4th chakra ???
The fourth chakra is the Heart Chakra, or Anahata, which translates to “unhurt”. ❣️ This chakra houses and empowers your love, compassion and kindness.
This one is easy to understand because most of us already associate our hearts with love. This means love for others AND ourselves, which is important.
It’s difficult for us to respond to those around us with love and compassion 100% of the time without fear, judgment or feeling self-conscious. And yet, that’s the goal for most of us. The ability to do just that flows through this chakra, which makes it imperative for us to recognize when we are closed, or too open, in this area.
? Green represents the Heart Chakra, and it’s location is right over your heart, and extends down to your breastbone and up to your throat.
? Having balance in this energy shows up as being able to walk in love with yourself and others EQUALLY (Ever notice how sometimes we hate ourselves while loving others? That’s not balance. ?). Even when things are difficult, we facilitate, and feel, compassion towards others, and allow it to come our way, too.
? A sign to you that your energy in this location may be TOO active is when personal boundaries become blurred and you find yourself making unhealthy choices in the name of “love”. Honoring yourself as much as you do others is necessary, so when you are putting the needs of others before your own in an unhealthy manner, your Heart Chakra needs to SIMMER DOWN a bit. ?
Other symptoms of this can be a fast heart rate, heart palpitations and heartburn. Interesting, right??
? Focusing a bit of the love you’re showering on others back to yourself can help tame an overactive chakra. Try to do something for YOU every day:
* Take a relaxing bath
* Get a massage
* Do some meditation
* Make some time to do something that you enjoy
? Having an underactive or sluggish Heart Chakra can be a little harder. It may take some dedicated work and effort to bring this energy up.
Many of us have spent a LOT of time building up some walls and defenses to protect ourselves from hurt. The result is difficulty in developing close, personal relationships. The walls that protect us also keep others at bay. ? This can even leave you feeling physically out of touch with yourself, and can contribute to circulation issues.
I personally have battled this one quite a bit, and this information has been incredibly helpful for me!
We can’t allow others to love us well until we learn to love ourselves. Sounds kinda hokey, and maybe oversimplified, but it actually makes perfect sense. Many of us struggle with actually living this without consciously realizing it. Show yourself some compassion, and love yourself as well as you try to love others, and in the way you’d like others to love you! Then your compassion for your neighbor will really be able to flow!!!
? Fun Fact: Often, eating food that is the same color as a particular chakra can actually help facilitate healing and balance! Have you ever seen charts that show how the shape of certain fruits and vegetables coordinate to body parts that they support? Same here! So, for the Heart Chakra, spinach, greens and green tea are considered balancing foods for this energy. Cool!
? Essential oils that can be used to help in this area:
? Rose, especially, is great for heart issues. Throughout history the rose has been considered a symbol of God’s love for us. ? Rub a drop over your heart every day. It’s one of the more valuable oils, so maybe consider splitting a bottle with a few friends to make it affordable!
? Cedarwood and Rosemary can contribute to feeling secure in your convictions.
? Bergamot, Orange and Melissa all help encourage a cheery disposition. ?

3rd Chakra – The Solar Plexus

?? Third Chakra ??

The third chakra is the Solar Plexus (Manipura), which means “lustrous gem”. How cool is that? This chakra is the seat for your personal power, self-confidence and identity.

Have you ever been in a situation that you just KNEW wasn’t “right” for you, or have you ever just sensed danger? Or, conversely, have you ever just KNOWN that something was going to work out, and that you were on the right path? I have! Most of us would say we could just “feel it in our gut”, right? It’s not unusual for us to physically FEEL that wisdom or direction in that location. That’s your Solar Plexus!

? Solar Plexus Chakra is represented by the color yellow and fire is the symbol of it’s energy. ???
? This chakra starts in the middle of your belly button and extends up to where your rib bones meet in the center of your chest.
? Some people call this chakra the warrior chakra because it’s comparable to a wise warrior going into battle. He has the needed confidence to win the battle, and the wisdom to know the personal truth he’s fighting for. I love this!
? When this chakra is balanced and flowing, you feel a sense of wisdom, decisiveness and even personal power.
? An overactive Solar Plexus can happen when we mistakenly try to extend the power we have into the lives of others. We may feel angry, the need to control and mircromanage, greedy, and possibly a lack of compassion and empathy. YUCK! Physically, imbalances in the organs like the appendix, pancreas, liver and kidneys can occur.
? If we’ve ever had our personal power taken away from us by another person or circumstance, this chakra can end up sluggish and underactive. Feelings like indecisiveness, insecurity, timidity and neediness can be signs that your Solar Plexus needs some balance.
? To help balance a whacked out Solar Plexus, try these things:
Think of the things you know you’re good at. EVERYONE has talents and abilities, so you can’t get away with saying, “I don’t have any”! ? Make a list of yours, and feel how the confidence in those talents can actually make your stomach tingle and vibrate. Energize that chakra!
It’s also a good practice to consciously open up your heart with love and compassion to those around you! SEE yourself as a beacon and vessel of love. ?
? Essential oils to use:
To rev up a sluggish chakra, do a tummy massage with Cinnamon, Eucalyptus or Juniper oil.
To calm an over zealous one, massage with Peppermint, Vetiver, or Helichrysum.
To hold steady, use Grapefruit or Lemon.

2nd Chakra – The Sacral

The second chakra is the Sacral Chakra. It means the “place of the self”. This chakra is home to your creative energy and sensuality, and is considered your source for enjoying life and all it has to offer! Water is considered a source of energy for this chakra.

? I should have mentioned yesterday that the Root Chakra is always symbolized by the color red ❤️. The color for the Sacral is orange ?.

? This chakra is located right below your belly button.

? Consider this your “seat” for creative power, whether that be coming up with ideas that can be solutions to problems, creating actual objects like works or art or decoration, or having a creative idea that can further your business or career, this is the center from where it originates. Pay attention to this area the next time you need to “brainstorm” some ideas!

? The other main role for this chakra is learning to take PLEASURE in life! This can be from an intimate relationship with your spouse or partner, good food, in being creative, or just appreciating the experiences we get to have here on earth. We are here for a purpose, and part of that is to ENJOY. ?

? When this chakra is overactive, it results in things like addiction and gluttony. Pleasure is a GOOD thing, we are SUPPOSED to experience it, and that shouldn’t make anyone feel guilty. However, if you are indulging in things or behaviors that are not healthy and life giving to you, then this may be unbalanced and out of whack. Symptoms of this can be addictions and obesity, and possibly even hormone imbalance and restlessness. ☹️?

? How do you balance an overactive chakra? Focus on drawing energy away from “pleasure” and focus it more on your “heart”. ? Take time to assess whether or not a particular activity or indulgence is benefitting you. Just asking yourself, “Is this action I’m about to take good for me? Is it healthy and will it benefit me?” can be enough to check and alter your choices.

? A sluggish Sacral Chakra that isn’t allowing energy to flow very well can happen if you spend a lot of time focusing on very practical issues, and you don’t allow yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labor before moving on to the next task or responsibility. Certain personalities are more prone to this. Symptoms of this can be depression, and decreased sex drive, feeling uncreative and unmotivated, and just kind of blah. ?

? How do you energize a sluggish Sacral? Easy! ENJOY LIFE!! Go do something creative, like paint a picture. Spend time enjoying your relationships, especially the closest ones you have. Be intimate with your partner, have coffee with your closest friend, call your mom!

? Here are some oily suggestions for this chakra. A lower back massage with Cardamon can awaken a sluggish Sacral. A massage with Ylang Ylang or Neroli can calm an overactive one. And Orange and Sandalwood are excellent for helping to maintain a balanced Sacral Chakra.

At the end of this series, I will share a graphic showing some easy roller recipes you can use to support each of these chakras!

A Look at the Seven Chakras

Did you know your body is made of ENERGY? And so is the universe and everything that is in it?

I tend to geek out when I read about the seven energy chakras in the body. At first, I thought that perhaps they were a little “trendy” or somehow “new age”. I even questioned if they were maybe ungodly, or anti-Chrisitan. But the more I have studied and learned, the more convinced I am that this is an essential part of how we are designed. Whether you believe in creation or evolution or something else, you really can’t argue that we don’t just have a physical body. There is also a non-physical part to us. I believe it’s an integral part of every human, and that there is an ultimate design for it all to work together. It’s fascinating!!

The word chakra literally translates to “wheel”. It symbolizes the spinning, rotating energy that’s inside of us, and there are seven main centers for it. They start at the base of your spine and run right up it to the top of your head. It’s important for these centers to be aligned and in sync for your PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL health to be at their peak! When you are balanced, the chakras give the right amount of energy to the right place. When one, or more, are out of balance, they can be giving too much or too little, and your overall health may suffer.

For the next few weeks, we are going to look at the Seven Chakras-what each one is, how to tell if it’s balanced and functioning well, and suggestions for ways you can work on getting an unbalanced energy back into balance. Today, let’s look at the foundation of the chakras, the Root Chakra.

The Root Chakra is called Muladhara in the Sanskrit language. The translation of Muladhara is two part – Mula means “root” and Adhara means “base” or “support”. This 1st chakra is the foundation for all the others. If your foundation isn’t stable, what’s built on top of it will most likely have some issues. Muladhara is located at the base of your spine, where your tailbone is. The role of this chakra is to “ground” you to the earth. Another way to say it is that this chakra connects your body’s energy to the earth. It stabilizes you, provides you with security. The chakras are represented by the seven primary colors, and the Root is always represented by the color red

This chakra, when open and not blocked, flows energy that facilitates our everyday needs. These can be basic needs, like food, shelter, water, financial security and safety, and also emotional needs like feeling loved and free from fear.  For most of us, these are things that are necessary for survival.

When this chakra is BALANCED, you feel peaceful when you think of things like money or shelter or safety. You also feel very connected to being “human” and the experiences that go along with that in relationships.

This chakra gets a LOT of use in our day to day lives, so it’s easy for it to be overactive, which means a little too much energy flowing through it. An overactive Root Chakra feels like jitteriness and anxiety, or fear. Sometimes an overactive chakra will be shouting messages of survival to us when there isn’t really any danger or threat. This can show up physically as lower back pain, hip issues and ovarian cysts and prostate issues. We aren’t designed to be in a constant state of fear and anxiety.

So what can you do to tone down an overactive Root? First, it’s important to make sure your survival needs are met. Your Muladhara gives you the energy to do just that, so work with it to take care of those practical issues. Then you can turn to spiritual practices to help calm this chakra. Focusing on connecting spiritually through quiet times of prayer and meditation needs to be done daily. Make it a priority to keep your energy balanced and healthy. Finally, find some ways to volunteer, and spread kindness and compassion wherever you go. This helps to divert energy to some of the other chakras and bring your Root down to a more healthy level. 

Sometimes the energy in this chakra may be too low, not enough flowing through. This can happen when most of your needs have typically been easily met. When that’s the case, you may be prone to day dreaming, and people may describe you as “having your head in the clouds”.  This isn’t necessarily a serious issue, but remember that being connected and balanced in our chakras is important, so dealing with a sluggish Root is just as important as dealing with an overactive one.

If you need some revving up in this energy, get reconnected! The earth is the source of energy for Muladhara, so reconnect with it. Get outside and enjoy nature! Go for a hike, dig in the dirt, or take a dip in the ocean.

Plants in various forms have been known to be extremely helpful in keeping energies balanced. Consider eating root vegetables to help harmonize your Muladhara. Essential oils have also been found to be extremely helpful in either getting energies back in balance, or offering support to energies that currently ARE in balance. Oils like Patchouli, Cedarwood and Vetiver can help calm an anxious, overactive energy. Nutmeg and Rosemary will help to stimulate a sluggish one. Use Bergamot and Frankincense to support a balanced chakra. Diffusing is a great option for using oils to help balance, but you can also use them in a foot massage, or apply them directly to your tail bone.