Finding our way back!

In ancient times, man lived closer to God and closer to Earth. In that harmony, all thrived. Tradition and wisdom guided man through life until the birth of science. At the beginning, science was simply the study of what God had created. The beauty of complexity hidden within simplicity. Unfortunately, as man has grown in understanding, he has also grown vain and thought to improve on Creation.

Today we find that science sometimes creates as many problems as it resolves. While no one can deny the convenience and effectiveness of modern technology, the old adage is true; just because we can doesn’t necessarily mean we should.

GMO based foods pose real, long-term health dangers, drugs synthesized in a laboratory have a laundry list of side effects and pollution continues to challenge the Earth’s ability to heal itself.

The pressure of constant connectivity means that going home from work doesn’t mean leaving the stress of work behind. Our brains, souls, and bodies aren’t getting the rest they are designed to have. And as man has turned his focus on himself, the peace that God offers seem more and more a myth.

Fortunately for us, there is hope. We don’t have to stay stuck. We don’t have to return to a time without technology. We simply have to make better choices in how we live our lives. That starts with educating ourselves.

The Pure Life Collective serves as your resource to do just that. We simply want to share our journey and hope that it helps yours. Enjoy!